Hello (RC) World! – What to Expect

To celebrate the beginnings of this blog, let me introduce you all to what to be expecting from here!

1) Inside look at testing, product selection, and phot0shoots!  We don’t sell just anything and everything a manufacturer gives us.  Of course we request a model for ourselves so we can test it out and make sure it’s up to standards before we put it up on our website to make available to you, our customers.  You will be getting videos and pictures of not the test flight and product introductions (like you can find on the website), but bloopers, behind the scenes activities, and much more!

2) Interviews! You know those guys you see at shows and conventions? You know those pilots and drivers you see at competitions and other RC events sporting our logos? Well I will be bringing you exclusive interviews with them.  Before that happens, I will make a pre-interview post asking you guys what questions you would like me to ask them!  We’ll select a few of those questions and include them in the interview!

We’ll also be working hard to get interviews with sponsored drivers and pilots available to you, also exclusively on this blog!  Just like the employee interviews, I’ll make a pre-interview post asking you guys for questions in the comments section!  I’ll also be making posts for taking questions on the facebook fanpages, so feel free to leave them there! (Links to the right)

3) Inside look of everyday life at Raiden Tech!  Occasionally (when I’m not swamped with work or making fun content for you all), I will take some time simply walking around the office, take some photos and record some videos just to give you guys an inside look at the people here.  Perphaps maybe even give you guys a preview of things that are soon to come that we haven’t announce officially just yet!  Basically our day hard at work and play…*ahem* sorry boss…we’ll put the heli and paintball gun away now.

Please also go take a look at my About page for more info on me and this website!

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