Day of fun with RC Sparks!

Hello readers and RC fans!  Today’s post is slightly longer, but it’s a special one as I’ll be talking about the day we spent with the one and only DJ MEDiC and his lovely wife Jem from RC Sparks!


As fans of DJ MEDiC and RC Sparks knew already, the MEDiC himself and his wife Jem came down to Anaheim, California all the way from Alberta, Canada last week for a YouTube convention.  Earlier that week a memo was passed around the office that Aaron “DJ MEDiC” Bidochka had contacted us and wanted to hang out.  We had a small opening in our schedule so we thought about it…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! We JUMPED at the opportunity to hang out with the creator of RC Sparks and his awesome and beautiful wife.  After a bit of planning and some email exchanges it was set — an exclusive day with DJ MEDiC and Jem :D .

Technically, MEDiC and Jem were on vacation here in California, so we decided to let them sleep in a bit.  Aaron and Jem arrived at Raiden Tech HQ in City of Industry, CA (BobbyGensAce himself went down to Anaheim to go pick them up. Thanks Bobby!) early in the afternoon around 1pm.  After a quick mini-tour of the office and warehouse, we started loading some planes, heli, and cars into the van to get ready for our day of fun in the sun…except at an RC airfield instead of the beach :D .

After a short drive we arrived at the Whittier Narrows RC Airfield and went to flying right away.  MEDiC told us he hadn’t flown for a couple of months, so he wanted to start out with a simpler plane and chose the Art Tech Devil 500 powered by a 3s 2600mah Gens Ace battery.

Taking the Devil 500 out to the runway

Talk about humility…MEDiC’s flying skills after a multiple months lull was just as good as someone’s who flew just a few days ago.  Of course, none of us were that surprised…I mean he IS the main man of RC Sparks after all.

So after that (probably unneeded) warm-up, we took to the skies with the main attraction: Tech One Pop Wings from

DJ MEDiC having fun unloading Pop Wings

These rudderless gliders need some getting used to control-wise, but once you adjust, they’re probably one of the funnest things to take to the skies. While he began with a cautious start due to the control differences from most planes and the fragile look of the gliders (which are nigh indestructible actually), DJ MEDiC once again showed how awesome he was at RC control, doing aerial maneuvers indicative of an experienced Pop Wing user.

After MEDiC safely landed his Pop Wing, our pilots (plus one driver) decided put on a little show for DJ MEDiC and Jem, showing them the full potential of the Pop Wings with a 4-man aerial battle.  Have any of you guys ever done or seen air combat with RC foamies?  I can tell you first hand it is AWESOME.  The sturdy Pop Wings make for awesome planes to do a bit of dog fighting action.  Now since we didn’t have BB guns installed on our planes…and I don’t think our pilots were too keen on putting holes in their precious planes, we resorted to aerial tackle.

As expected, the first to be knocked out of the sky was our non-pilot (he’s our sponsored RC car/buggy/truck driver), James, who despite having flown the Pop Wing numerous times before, wasn’t up to the task against our more experienced and professional pilots.


Second one out of the skies was Bobby, one of our airplane techs.  His end came with a kamikaze as he got distracted, lost sight of his plane, and crashed it into his own leg (what? lol). …And then, there were two.

   Sponsored pilot Tony flying a Tech One Pop Wing

Sadly, it would stay at two.  We would not have a winner as the batteries ran out on their gliders before these two expert pilots were able to knock each other out.

Now, Pop Wings are definitely cool and we WERE at an airfield, but what kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t bring some cars out for MEDiC and Jem’s enjoyment.  Our team brought some RC trucks and buggies, including some unreleased R&D models (keep a lookout on our websites and Facebook fanpages for announcements when they arrive!)  to play around with in the (luckily) empty parking lot, using some of the bumps and random dirt piles as course trick tools.  A lot of our team brought out some of their own personal RC Rock Crawlers and Truggies to drive around too!

After a day of playing in the park hard work, we sat down together to relax and converse over the coveted In-N-Out Double-Double burger and Animal Style Fries.  Now, a little bit of back story: Our team was planning to take MEDiC and Jem to some nice restaurant or set up a picnic at the park…yeah…they never even got to suggest it.  Once the topic of word “lunch” was mentioned, the Canadians instantly inquired about In-N-Out.  From my experience, no one I know that comes from outside the In-N-Out restaurant range has ever not inquired about the famous burger joint when they come to California (even vegetarians. Their fries and milk shakes are amazing! And also their Grilled Cheese!).  Their final verdict? “Everything we expect it to be. It’s delicious!”

Sitting down to Enjoy some In-N-Out Burgers and Animal Style Fries with some Canadians

Sadly all days must come to an end, even awesome days spent with RC Sparks, and we wanted to give MEDiC and Jem something to take back home with them to remember us by.  What better than the main attraction of the day: one of our new Pop Wing gliders.  MEDiC loved their durability and aerobatic capabilities and we are glad we can offer him the same enjoyment even when he goes back home. (Sadly he had way too much stuff so he couldn’t take one with him…but we shipped one out right away and should hopefully be arriving around the same time he gets back :D ).  After some pics and some more small talk, we said our goodbyes and Bobby took MEDiC and Jem back to their hotel to get some rest in preparation for the YouTube Convention.

From DJ MEDiC and Jem, with love :D

If you’re reading this Aaron and Jem, we really enjoyed our day with you and hope we have more opportunities to hang out and have some RC fun!  Until then, we’ll be seeing you on RC Sparks and whatever fun and crazy stuff you’ll be doing! :D

Pop Wing Aerial Battle 3

For more pictures please check out the full gallery of pictures taken that day (sorry for quality of a few of them, I’m not a professional photographer, but I’m learning! :D )

Also, if you haven’t already, please check out RC Sparks! They really are the coolest!

RC Sparks:

Equipment and Parts list

Tech One Pop Wings

-NitroPlane RC 4 Channel Pop Wing EPP ARF Version Plane kit + T2208 motor + ESC + servo + propeller
-NitroPlane RC 4 Channel Mini Pop Wing EPP ARF Version Plane kit + T1306 motor + ESC + servo + propeller

Art Tech Devil 500

Custom Whiplash Heli

Batteries used

-Gens Ace Batteries of all varieties and sorts
-Sky Lipo Batteries of all varieties and sorts

FS-TH9X 2.4GHz 9CH Transmitter

1/8 MaxStone Rock Crawlers

1/8 Mad Warrior Truggy

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