Esky D700 3D — Interview with pilot Antonio

Last week I promised you for an interview with one of the test pilots of the Esky D700 3D 6ch Heli. It took a little bit longer than I would have liked due to our busy schedules, so I apologize for that. But without further adieu, here is the interview with sponsored test pilot Antonio!

Hello Antonio. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today. Lets start with an introduction. Why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers.

Sure, it’ll be my pleasure. I’ve been driving and flying RCs for about nine years now. It all started in middle school for me when I bought an RC car off a friend. Played with and of course modified it myself and soon after I found myself into RC helis and planes as well. Been flying ever since. I’ve worked with NitroPlanes and HobbyPartz for about two years. I love the fact that I get to do what I do for a living, testing, building, and promoting RCs all day long. I love the industry and I love the job…it’s very fun.

So let’s talk about the D700 3D by Esky. What were your first impressions when you saw this thing out of the box? Anything in particular that popped out at you or peaked your interest?

The first thing I noticed was the new style of the body; the colors too. The green on black is very nice and definitely caught my attention from an aesthetic point of view. Once I started flying it, the gyros immediately caught my attention. I was prepared for the compensation I was going to have to do base on experience with the Belt CP, but it wasn’t needed at all. Esky really improved upon the gryos for the D700. The radio feels great too. It feels better than some after-market radios out there, not some cheap stock radio. I’ve flow with JR and Spectrum and can tell you this radio Esky provides is up there with them. They use the same programming and everything too.

Browsing through the Nitroplanes FB fans page as well as some RC forums, I’ve noticed that some users disagree with you. They feel that the radio is a bit tacky. Anything you’d like to comment on that?

I would actually disagree with them. I mean, people are going to have their own opinion and obviously there will always be people who hate certain designs and layouts, but as a person in the industry, I felt Esky took a big step forward in this radio. Like I said, the programming is really similar to other top brands so it’s easy to get used to. It overall is just a radio I would use any day. No need to replace with some other transmitter really unless it’s a brand preference thing. And in that case, it’d just be personal choice…nothing wrong or tacky with the radio at all.

As you and most people who’ve been following Esky already know, the D700 series is a successor to the Belt CP. How would you compare the two? Let’s talk technical.

Like I said before, it really is a big step forward. One of the main things I noticed once I started flying is the way the tail holds. Compared to the Belt CP, the tail stability is much higher. It just feels like there’s an expensive gyro in there. Not what I expected at all from a stock gyro. It holds position well in hover, rotations, etc. The weighted tail blades in back add to that stability. I think Esky hit their mark in the improvement they wanted in the D700.

Now, the D700 3D is a 6ch heli capable of 3D flight. What about how well the Heli handles tricks?

The D700 3D being a flybar system, the heli flies pretty well in 3D. I’m used to a flybarless system as I fly flybarless helis for fun and competition personally most of the time. Back to the D700, the servos have enough torque to handle most 3D maneuvers. There are some advanced maneuvers that I could do that would cause the servos to stall out, but it isn’t necessarily a bad think like some would think. If you’re a beginner to intermediate flier you’ll almost never stall them out. Especially if you’re just starting to do 3D, the stock parts on the D700 are perfect. No worries, everything is centered well and handles great without much need to trim on the fly a lot.

Is there anything on the D700 that you would like to have been different? Any improvments you wish Esky put that wasn’t included?

Like I said before, the servos can stall out on extreme maneuvers (under torqued if you will) for my style of flying. But there’s a ton of servos you can buy, not only on HobbyPartz, but other manufacturers as well if you really want to push this heli to the limits. The tail servo is fine once gain set is right on the radio. I would definitely keep the stock gyro. So yeah, pretty much just switch out the servo if you want to push the limits of the heli.

Any upgrade recommendations out there for those who like to spend time modifying their RCs?

First thing I would recommend (as you probably guessed already) is carbon fiber blades. You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes. If you really want to do extreme maneuvers, like extreme extreme maneuvers, then get some upgraded servos. Solar 9g digital micro servos work perfectly. Otherwise, everything stock is fine if you’re a beginner to intermediate 6ch or 3D flyer.

Any final thoughts?

Hmm. Not really haha. I think I pretty much covered everything I’d like to say. The D700 flies great. It handles well and is pretty stable with the stock gyros. The radio is excellent. I think I’m just repeating myself. Haha. Oh yeah, I guess one last thing is, I hope this heli isn’t the first one you own, because it is not for beginner fliers. When I said beginner earlier, I meant 6ch beginners. But as long as your skill level is ready for 6ch flight, this heli is perfect. Definitely give it a try out. And if you have your own flybarless system and prefer flybarless, there’s also the D700 3G version. It’s the same heli (with some slight performance versus stability tradeoffs) but flybarless.


You can find the original review on the Esky D700 3D 6ch Helicopter here:

You can find the Esky D700 3D 6ch Helicopter here:

Pilots’ Upgrades Recommendations:

Any 315mm-335mm Carbon Fiber Blades
9g Micro Servos by Solar
     Alternate servos – spectrum & align 9g micro servos
Gens Ace 11.1v 2200mah 60C Battery

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