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Hey all, it’s been two weeks since my last post.  Been busy with some other projects and couldn’t really get to blogging.  Finally got the chance though! Hope you all enjoy the read and hopefully I’ll be able to blog again soon!

So…a while ago (about a month?), our pilots, drivers, and some of technicians took a look outside the box and put together a little project of their own.  I wrote some notes down at that time and wanted to blog about it, but never got the chance since at that point in time, the blog wasn’t published yet, being still in it’s design and preparation stage.  As time went on, more amazing and cool stuff happened at the company (like the RC Sparks outing) and this little internal project write-up kind of fell to the wayside.

Well, during some of my free time, I was looking through some of my notes to see what would be really cool to blog next about, and I found my write-up on this project and thought “heck, it’s never too late to post something cool like this”, so here it is!  One month late, but still a fresh and well enjoyed innovation at our company!

Like most of you all here (maybe?), when I see Gens Ace batteries, I think either RCs, Airsoft guns, or that cool project those USU college students did a while ago for the US Air Force. Be honest now…how many of you would think electric powered bike? Certainly not me with a battery that size. Well, our pilots did, showing off the power of a Gens Ace battery. Over the course of a couple weeks, our pilots and a few of the tech department guys ordered parts and put together a gens ace powered bicycle. But hey, talk is cheap…here’s a preview pic! Click on the link below it for the full gallery!
Gens Ace Sticker 2

Full Gallery

Feel free to share some innovative ideas you all have for your Gens Ace batteries. If you have any cool inventions or ideas you want us to try out, leave a comment and we’ll try our best to make it happen. *Ahem* REASONABLE ideas please…lol (well, slightly beyond reasonable might be ok…just hit us with your best shot! :D ).

Oh, and any kids reading this, please do not try this at home without the supervision of an adult! And always have a fire extinguisher ready just in case!

In case you guys missed clicking on the photo gallery link in the article here it is again: Full Gallery

If you all want to try this yourselves, here’s a list of parts we used to make this happen. Enjoy!

Equipment and Parts list


-Green LEDs
-Blue LEDs
-White LEDs

Gens Ace 5300mah 6s1p 60-120c LiPo Battery

Huffy Cranbrook 26″ Men’s Cruiser Bike

48v 1000w 26″ Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor + Kit E-Bike (since item link might expire, i just linked the e-bay search of the technical specs of the wheel we used.  If you match the voltage listed and diameter of your bike, it should work)

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