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Anything and everything behind closed doors

Sitting down with the NitroGirlz

Last month, I sat down with Bobby Gens Ace to take a look at the man behind the name.  This week, as promised, I present to you readers an interview I had with our very own NitroGirlz, Nancy and Leana!  … Continue reading


Interview with Bobby Gens Ace!

Hey Enhobby readers.  It’s been a looooooooonnnnng while since my last article.  I’ve been busy with a project I can’t quite announce just yet and it’s been taking up literally all my time (including some weekends).  Last week, I took a … Continue reading


NitroGirlz Beach Trip

So, yeah we went there again.  The morning after we got back from Palos Verdes for the NitroPlanes and NitroRCX media outing, I was just chatting a bit with one of my coworkers.  That coworker happened to be the director … Continue reading


Build your Ride with GensAce

Hey all, it’s been two weeks since my last post.  Been busy with some other projects and couldn’t really get to blogging.  Finally got the chance though! Hope you all enjoy the read and hopefully I’ll be able to blog … Continue reading


A Day by the Sea…Doin’ RC

Who doesn’t enjoy a day at the beach?  Well…strictly speaking it was more cliffs and rocks than sand and beautiful women tanning, but add some RCs to the scene and you got yourself a day worthy to blog about! Last … Continue reading